HealthCare Diagnostics Limited

HealthCare Diagnostics Limited (HCDL) is wholly owned subsidiary of HCD Holdings Ltd., which is a Hong Kong domiciled, privately owned, group specializing in marketing and distributing products to healthcare providers in the Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China. HCD Holdings Ltd. also has a join-venture company in Shenzhen, People's Republic of China, manufacturing diagnostic reagents.

HCDL services the Medical and Scientific Laboratory fields. The primary focus is on the Hong Kong market and the nearby Macau market is serviced through sub-distributors. HCDL is also active in Mainland China.

The main product categories marketed are Automatic Diagnostic system and reagents on chemical and immunological analysis, Hydrogen Peroxide Bio-decontamination equipment and service, Agar Pouring System, ELISA system, Tissue Culture system and consumables, Various Airflow System such as Biological Safety Cabinet, Ducted and Ductless Fume Cupboard and Laminar Flow system, Spiral Plate and Counting system, Microaerophilic and Anaerobic workstation, IVF system and reagents, Mortuary and Funeral Director products., etc with general laboratory apparatus and consumable.

HCDL enjoys a good reputation in the Hong Kong market for the quality of its customer service and enjoys market leadership in several of its fields of operation.

The sales and marketing staff are all university graduates with appropriate science degrees. Additional personnel include service engineers for installation and after sales maintenance for the equipment it sells and a support team of customer service representatives.